Online Bachelor's

Online bachelor programs are designed for people who cannot become full-time students, whether it is due to family, work, or other commitments. With an online bachelor, students have the flexibility to create their own schedule. Online bachelor students can still work closely with professors to obtain the best education possible.

Recent toegevoegde Online Bachelor opleidingen

University of Nicosia

BBA in Hospitality Management - afstandsonderwijs

November 16, 2018
De BBA in Hospitality Management - Online-programma is een innovatieve volledig online geaccrediteerde graad van wereldklasse met slechts 24 modules (3 modules per semester) die gedurende 8 semesters worden aangeboden.

Mind Development Academy

BBA in Economics

November 13, 2018
De doelstelling van de Bachelor of Economics (BS) is om professionals te helpen een goed begrip te ontwikkelen van zaken, markten, handel, overheidsbeleid en internationale kwesties, globalisering, gezondheid, ontwikkeling en het milieu; zodat ze economen en analisten kunnen worden in de publieke en private sector, leidend tot loopbanen in business,… [+] finance, internationale ontwikkeling, gezondheid, human resource management, marketing, management en onderzoek. [-]

University of Management and Technology

Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security

Oktober 27, 2018
De BSHS vereist de voltooiing van een totaal van 120 credit-uren van instructie, waarvan 60 op het hoogste niveau (junior en senior jaar). Studenten moeten ten minste 60 studiepunten universitaire studies op het lagere niveau hebben voltooid (eerste jaar en tweede jaar). Binnen de vereiste 120 credit-uren moet een student ook ten minste 30 studiepunten… [+] in het algemeen onderwijs in totaal voltooien om een ​​BSHS-diploma te behalen. [-]

Universiteiten in Nederlanden

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Online Undergraduate Degrees

What is an online undergraduate education?

Online Bachelor’s degree programs are opportunities for undergraduate students studying a wide range of academic topics. Prospective students with extra-curricular commitments, such as an ongoing career or family care, are ideal candidates for an online undergraduate education. Additionally, those who wish to study at a university that is geographically distant, and who cannot move to live close to that campus, can still earn a degree from their dream school through online Bachelor’s study. Online undergraduate study programs are more popular than ever before as e-learning technology helps to make it an ever-more viable option. An online undergraduate education provides the same degree to successful graduates as an on-campus program.

What are the benefits of getting an online undergraduate education?

In many ways, online undergraduate students have the best of both worlds: they can obtain a degree in a subject that fascinates them, while still satisfying their other commitments and responsibilities apart from school. Online Bachelor’s programs offer the same career benefits as on campus programs. By studying online for one’s undergraduate education, one improves communication skills, creative thinking, decision-making and problem solving. Online undergraduate study can also provide an excellent networking opportunity with peers and professors from all around the world. Taking an online Bachelor’s degree develops highly valuable skills that serve graduates, on both a personal and professional level, for a lifetime.

What do we study in an online undergraduate degree program?

Future online undergraduate students can choose from degrees in the Arts, Biological and Life Sciences, Business, Economics and Administration, Energy, Engineering and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Regulations and the Natural Sciences. Within these areas there are online undergraduate programs in a variety of subjects, such as Photography, Nursing Studies, Finance, Renewable Energy Management, Computer Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Law and Mathematics. Depending on the program, an online undergraduate education could take three to four years, or longer when studying part time.

What kind of career improvement can you expect with an online undergraduate degree?

Graduates from online Bachelor’s or other undergraduate degree programs enjoy marked improvement in their career potential. Employers appreciate graduates’ university-level practical and theoretical understanding of their subject of study. Additionally, online undergraduate degree-holders offer a developed skill-set that becomes invaluable in the workplace. Those who have graduated from an online undergraduate degree program are more likely to be considered for career opportunities than those with only a secondary school education. Graduates from undergraduate degree programs are also often paid a higher starting salary than those without a degree.

How much does it cost to take an online undergraduate degree?

The costs of taking an online undergraduate program vary from university to university, and from one geographic location to another. In addition to tuition, there may be additional study costs for materials. However, the costs of taking an online undergraduate program may be lower overall than the cost of taking an on-campus program, because the student can live anywhere and may continue working while studying. University admissions departments would be able to outline the costs of an online undergraduate degree program in more detail. It is best to contact the admissions department through the web form on this site to obtain more detailed information, sent directly to your door or home office.

What universities around the world offer online undergraduate degree programs?

One of the top reasons why students choose to enroll in online Bachelor’s or other undergraduate degree programs is the freedom to study at their dream school without having to relocate. Top universities in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania offer academically rigorous online undergraduate programs and courses. Browse from programs at universities in the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Spain, India, South Africa, Poland, Finland, Russia, the USA and more.